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“Of course it is disappointing to come away not having finished the race, but Endurance racing is like this, it is always unexpected. I felt really good going in to the race, the bike is really fast, my teammates are on good form and the team is working well so we had everything in place to be a serious challenger at the front for the podium. Unfortunately Kohta crashed, but he was able to get up and bring the bike back, I’m glad he was ok. We had electronic issues come on and off making it almost impossible to ride consistently quickly without being very dangerous so it was the right decision to retire. We’ll be back in Le Mans and fighting at the front!”

Quarter-mile performance for the second generation bike was seconds at  km/h ( mph) tested by Motorcyclist , [21] while Cycle World measured seconds at 198 km/h (123 mph). [20] Having the lowest weight in its class and a good power-to-weight ratio, it stands well in comparison to bikes with greater output like the Yamaha FZ1 , and the wide, high handlebars ease quick turning and make cornering enjoyable. [23] [27] The suspension of the early versions was criticized, [27] but after the upgrade to an adjustable fork, the complaints died down. [23] Cycle World saw the 919 as a practical solution to the real-world problem of imperfect roads and traffic, rather than a mere compromise between a sportbike and a commuter or touring ride. [20]

When to take d bol

when to take d bol


when to take d bolwhen to take d bolwhen to take d bolwhen to take d bolwhen to take d bol