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There are about thirty iCubs in various laboratories mainly in the European Union but also one in the United States and around. These robots were built by Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) in Genoa and are used by a small but lively community of scientists that use the iCub to study embodied cognition in artificial systems. Most of the financial support comes from the European Commission's Unit E5 or the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) via the recently created iCub Facility department . The robots are constructed by IIT and cost about €250,000 or $266, [16] each depending upon the version. [17] The development and construction of iCub at the Italian Institute of Technology is part of an independent documentary film called Plug & Pray which was released in 2010. [18]

Supersonic. Double-sonic. Triple-sonic. Flying Wing. Swing Wings....
The five aircraft in this booklet, the USAF’s first research-dedicated experimental aircraft or X-planes, were configuration explorers which charted new domains of flight and broke new ground in aeronautical science. There were accidents, injuries and deaths, but every aircraft flying today has benefited from these X-planes.
A summary of each program is included, along with picture and biography of main project pilots: Jack Woolams, Robert Stanley, Glen Edwards, Chalmers Goodlin, Chuck Yeager, Arthur Murray, Frank Everest, Iven Kincheloe, Milburn Apt, William Bridgeman, Joseph Walker, Chuck Tucker, Scott Crossfield, Jean Ziegler, Raymond Popson.

In comparing a few other top phono stages from Aesthetix, Boulder and Burmester, they all offer up their own take on musical reproduction, from warm and romantic to analytical.  The perfect one for you will be that which bests suits your musical taste and achieves the best synergy with your system.  I must say the REF Phono 2 was a perfect match for my reference system, offering up just that drop of tube warmth that I really enjoy without sacrificing any resolution that a few of the other contenders also possess.  If you want a phono stage more on the warm, gooey and romantic side of the tonal scale, consider the IO or the Zanden.  Conversely, if you’d like a somewhat more analytical presentation, the two solid-state options from Boulder might be your cup of tea.  Having listened to them all extensively in the past year, the REF 2 Phono was the one that gave me the biggest dose of everything. And it has a relatively small tube complement that is easy to source.  As the 6H30 really doesn’t offer a lot of options for tube rolling, I suggest just calling ARC when you are ready for new tubes, which they claim last about  5,000 hours.

Test unison research unico primo

test unison research unico primo


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