Provident credit union

I've been a member of this credit union for 8 years and have had no problems.  I have recently obtained their Visa card which is linked to the Rewards Checking that I have.  This arrangement allows me to receive a 2% interest on my checking balance plus the cash back that the card offers.  I recieve about $50 in cash monthly for spending about $300 to $400 every month.  The one complaint that I do have about Provident is their website.  It could have a better interface and be made simpler to navigate.  A Provident Credit Union agent called me during the application process and explained exactly how this Visa card works with Rewards Checking.  Now regarding customer service for the card itself I can't comment as I've had no problems with it.  I've had the card about 8 months now. 

In June 2008, the Treasury announced plans to encourage the growth of credit unions by broadening the common bond and removing outdated restrictions, with the intention of significantly reducing the influence of door step lenders and loan sharks . [15] Amendments to the Credit Union Act 1979 were made by the Legislative Reform (Industrial and Provident Societies and Credit Unions) Order 2011 (SI 2011/2687), [16] which came into force on 8 January 2012. The main changes were the removal of restrictions of membership to reach out to new groups by serving more than one group of people, provide services to community groups, businesses and social enterprises with specific business loans and to offer interest on savings, instead of a dividend, in line with mainstream banking.

Provident credit union

provident credit union


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