Mastoiditis ct

Have had multiple surgeries trying to make my right passage way feel normal. Have had 2 very highly thought of doctors who saw no problem. My nose was badily injured and I believe one of these sugeries started the problem. Septum-3 times, scar tissue removal once. Suspect the scar tissue removal may be reason I feel blocked. Sorry I do not have a answer to correct you. Its been 45 years for me. My only advice for you is to wait for another year or so. If you can get a mental counslor to help - wish I would have. I have ptsd from all this. I wish I would have done everthing in my power to never had an operation.

If you suspect that you might have developed mastoiditis, we highly recommend that you seek the advice of a doctor as soon as possible. They will invite you for an initial ear examination, where they will look inside your ear to evaluate your ear's function and check for any inflammation. If they suspect you have an infection, they may recommend further tests to confirm the diagnosis, which may include x-rays, blood tests and swabbed ear-fluid cultures. If your infection is thought to be severe, you may also be sent for a CT or MRI scan.

Mastoiditis ct

mastoiditis ct


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