Mastey shampoo reviews

My name is Michael-Ann, and I have been a hairdresser for 18 years. I have worked with various haircolors, but most notably with Goldwell for the past seven years. About five years ago, I started experiencing health problems, and decided to FINALLY “put my money where my mouth was” in trying to be an environmentalist, and I took the time to REALLY research non toxic haircolor. It took me six months to try and test all of the non-toxic/”organic” haircolors I could find, and I happened to find Mastey through another salon’s website. I was impressed by their integrity, price […]

Thank you for taking your time to share your experiences and for helping us in addressing this problem. Truly appreciated. Can you please tell me if it is wrong to wash my hair every day with a commerical shampoo? I do not feel comfortable if I do not wash my hair everyday. Besides that I also apply sesame oil + castor oil + jojoba oil+ Rosemary EO+ Thyme EO+ Cedarwood EO+ Lavender EO blend everyday and massage my hair for 2-5 mins and cover it up with shower cap for atleast 30 minutes before i go to shower. In this case what shampoo can I use daily, without damaging my hair? Can I use soapnut boiled in water as my base cleanser instead of liquid castille for everyday use?Sorry for too many questions, bit I need a safe shampoo that I can incorporate into my daily hair washing routine and I am too confused and scared to use commercial shampoos now. Hoping to get some expert advise from you.

US Reviews -  Mastey Traite Cream Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair

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Mastey shampoo reviews

mastey shampoo reviews


mastey shampoo reviewsmastey shampoo reviewsmastey shampoo reviewsmastey shampoo reviewsmastey shampoo reviews