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Jen is very goal-oriented and considers herself a leader. However, as a consequence of this, she is often pushy and bossy, something her friends complained about in " One Quiet Day ." She also has a tendency to take charge, as was observed by Briana in " Spring Fling ," and as she noted in " Sweet 6teen ," she's always been involved in planning stages of every event she goes to. Jen is also very scheduled, as she keeps a "life schedule" (as seen in " The Journal "), a cop shows schedule (as seen in " Bye Bye Nikki? Part 1 "), knows to the day how long her friends have worked in the mall (as seen in " Going Underground ") and how long until they'll be applying to colleges (as seen in " J is For Genius "), and is so agenda-focused that she'll even planned a night at the Amusement Park in " Silent Butt Deadly ." Despite this sometimes being a drawback, her focus on strict responsibility has helped at times, such as when she assigned everyone jobs to make sure her mother 's delivery went off as smoothly as possible in " Labour Day - Part 1 ." Her sister even points out that Jen was always the responsible one of the family in " It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney! " and Jonesy and Courtney both acknowledge that Jen is far more responsible than both of them put together in " Labour Day - Part 2 ."

Masteron je

masteron je


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