Masteron insomnia

Im currently running tren a right now ED 75mg and im going through the same thing. Im sleeping ok it just takes me like a hour to get to sleep. I also have to make it cold in the house before bed because I get so hot. But has far as yourself if you have insurance or just have the money go to your family doctor or a sleep physican and ask for Ambien or Lunesta both work very well and do not effect sleep patterns just help you get to sleep and stay asleep. If you do get the stuff just make sure you allow yourself at least 6 hours of sleep. Well bro hope this helps.

Other possible side effects of Tren include hair-loss, high blood pressure, acne and even headaches but there are things that must be said. Hair-loss will only occur in men who are predisposed; simply put this means you were going to lose your hair anyway, the Trenbolone hormone simply sped the process up. In many ways we can say the same thing about acne; men who are not predisposed to acne, who keep their skin clean and generally don't have issues to begin with will more than likely be fine; however, while rare some who are not acne prone will still fall prey. Blood pressure and headaches, this is in many cases also individually based; men who are predisposed to high blood pressure should in most cases avoid supplementing with this hormone. However, high blood pressure and headaches can still occur in some men, even those who do not have a predisposition towards high blood pressure. In many cases when these side effects of Tren occur it is due to the dose being too high; not always but the strong majority of the time.

Masteron insomnia

masteron insomnia


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