Mast kalandar e city

Note: This song has a strong accent associated with it as it was written by Bhakt Ravidasa and sung in a folk style. Chitra Roy has sung it in a pure style as it is sung in the Gurudwaras , however as Vikram Hazra has done, some of the pronunciation of the phrases can be modified to the more popular Hindi words. “Bhaye Hum” Marked with a * above is actually sung as “phain hai”. Similarly words like “Jahan Jahan” and “Bhagat” can be sung in the original Punjabi style as “Jeh Jeh” and “Phakt”. “Jori” can also be replaced with the Hindi word “jodi”. How much of original accent you want to keep depends on you. Also in the above lyrics I have omitted some of the paragraphs of the original just to give way only to what is more popular and understandable.

This film is a love story of two youngsters who fall in love despite the status gaps between their families. Sunny ( Sunny Deol ), is a young, poor and happy guy who lives with his mother Sumitra ( Nirupa Roy ) in his home-made town farm. Formerly, His father Avenash had been a big businessman, but he went bankrupt. For this reason, he committed suicide. Avenash was in close friends with Sardar Dinesh Singh Girji ( Shammi Kapoor ) who is one of the richest and most powerful men in the city. When Sardar reveals that Avenash has gone bankrupt, he turns his back to him. Sardar has one daughter called Roma ( Amrita Singh ). She is spoiled, snob and accustomed to have all the people who surround her beneath her. She was Sunny's childhood friend.

Mast kalandar e city

mast kalandar e city


mast kalandar e citymast kalandar e citymast kalandar e citymast kalandar e citymast kalandar e city