Mast electrical service

A power factor of 50-percent or less is not normally encountered in loaded power circuits. Loads such as an induction motor running with no load or a very light load, or a synchronous motor partly loaded and underexcited, will draw current at less than 50-percent power factor. Also, a generator operated at part load with strong excitation (field) can be made to supply power at less than 50- percent power factor. – “ Watt-Hour Meter Maintenance and Testing ”, Vol. 3-10, Dec 2000, Facilities Engineering Branch, Denver Office, Denver CO, US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, retrieved 8/21/14, original source: /power/data/fist/fist3_10/vol3-

The inspection revealed that even though the main breaker was 100 amp and the panel was rated at 100 amps, the electric service is a 60 amp service, overloaded due to the presence of more than one 240 volt load (range and central AC.) Our recommendation was to have the service corrected by a qualified electrician. The electrician may be able to use the existing panel box and breakers, but will need to upgrade the service entrance, meter box, etc. Also, the service will have to have a new mast such that the conductors are either buried, or run at least 10 feet above ground (above the roof eave).

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Mast electrical service

mast electrical service


mast electrical servicemast electrical servicemast electrical servicemast electrical servicemast electrical service