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A fantastic dining experience.

A warm greeting from the manager when entering the restaurant, a waiter who knew his menu and was confident enough to make relevant recommendations without trying to sound clever.

The food was great value for money. We would have gladly paid double the bill for the experience we were provided with.

We visited the restaurant on 8 July 2011. I would like to thank the manager and entire service team for an unforgettable experience. Needless to say we will be back and bringing friends, family and whoever else we can find!

I had a PICC line placed in my left arm about three inches above the elbow. The poor PA who placed it was terrified. She called me the day before to go over the procedure in pinched, staccato notes. She casually mentioned that she was considering doing the placement in the ER since they would have a crash cart nearby. The infusion nurses had regaled her with stories of my reactions and anaphylaxis history. I laughed and then felt bad about it. “Whatever you need to feel comfortable is fine,” I told her. It is the first time I remember a provider being scared of my disease.

The Cilli Farm was a dairy farm owned and operated by Vitali and Antonia Cilli and their family in the early 1900s. This preserve is a refuge for wildlife in the area. It serves as an ecological island giving large animals like white-tailed deer a home base. Although protected, dumping and littering are major threats to this invaluable preserve. Various habitats, including marshes , grasslands , birch forests, cedar groves, sand flats , and coastal watersheds provide key habitat for wildlife and support great botanic diversity . The wet lands have experienced the effects of Brown Tide in the past. The Brown Tide has affected the bay scallops and mussels in the surrounding bays. [27] As a result, when the brown tide is active the amount of scallops and mussels population decline. When the brown tide comes in, the bays color turn from the normal look to a brown. [28]

Mast e per week

mast e per week


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