Mast'aniello e giuvanniello canzone

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Most people think that Neapolitan food is very rich, but that’s not always the case, for example we have fresh sea bass “all’acqua pazza” cooked in white wine with cherry tomatoes and parsley, simple, light and full of flavour. If you’re not to worried about your figure, you could try our chocolate fondant with vanilla and almond ice cream or the Neapolitan rum Baba’… buonissimo.

Using only fresh ingredients our dishes are cooked to order, pasta included, unless off course the recipe requires a long cooking time like our Neapolitan meat ragu’ as ours mums do. This dish needs a good 4 hours cooking before you can truly enjoy the aromas and flavours. We keep our dishes simple, traditional and sometimes add a little twist so that you can enjoy and taste every single ingredient. Come and try for yourselves, you wont be disappointed,
Livio & Lucia

Masaniello takes its name after Tommaso Aniello 1620-1647, a Neapolitan revolutionist who freed the Neapolitans and surrounding area from the overly burdensome Spanish, French and corrupt tax collectors.

Our revolution is to bring authentic Italian and especially Neapolitan food and cuisines to you, with all the flavours, colours and above all passion that is sometimes forgotten.

We bring together the culinary traditions of all the Campania region, balancing rural ingredients and seafood dishes with a vast variety of recipes influenced by the cultures that left their traditions in Napoli.

Mast'aniello e giuvanniello canzone

mast'aniello e giuvanniello canzone


mast'aniello e giuvanniello canzonemast'aniello e giuvanniello canzonemast'aniello e giuvanniello canzonemast'aniello e giuvanniello canzonemast'aniello e giuvanniello canzone