Lean bulking year round

Plasma and muscle glutamine levels are decreased post workout and it can take hours before they are restored (Rowbottom, 1996). A study examining the effect of free-form glutamine and glutamine peptide ingestion on muscle glycogen resynthesis found that plasma glutamine was decreased by 20% post workout with the ingestion of glucose only (control), showed no change with ingestion of whey protein or wheat protein hydrolysate plus glucose drinks, and a 200% increase with ingestion of free-form glutamine plus glucose drink (VanHall, 2000). Free-form glutamine supplementation was needed to elevate plasma glutamine levels post workout.

I have about 20 pounds to go before I get a flat stomach, but I also want to build muscle and get in better shape. I used to be more muscular than I am now (and fatter), and my muscles have atrophied somewhat. I’m in a calorie deficit now to eliminate my pot belly, and I’m also eating lots of protein to feed my muscles after my workouts. I’ve heard that as long as I’m in a deficit, I won’t build muscle. But I can look in the mirror and see better shape and larger muscles already, so I know something is working. How is this explained? Btw, I’m 49, 5’10” and about 190 lbs.

Increasing your lean mass will give you shape, increase your TDEE (muscle mass burns calories just to stay “alive”), and enable you to eat more and stay lean at the same time. Patiently (and I say patiently, because it’s not a 3-week “cleanse and tone” thing) working in the gym and eating well WILL change your body. Adding more muscle will enable you to then efficiently cut again if you choose, in order to get to the stubborn fat. Your body cannot hold onto fat with the energy equation being put to work. But diet is not the only way to affect that energy equation, and sometimes it’s not the best way IF you are already skinny enough (anecdotal ya’ll, just as a reminder).

Lean bulking year round

lean bulking year round


lean bulking year roundlean bulking year roundlean bulking year roundlean bulking year roundlean bulking year round