Lean bulk aas cycle

Hey Mike, firstly, many thanks for the awesome article, just what I
need to help me get rid of that really stubborn mid-section. I have a
question regarding the Green Tea Extract you recommend though. I live in
the UK and although the one you recommend is available on Amazon UK I’ll have to wait for it to be shipped from the USA – no problem. However, in the meantime, I’m looking for an alternative and notice the same brand (NOW) do an
EGCg Green Tea Extract which has 80% Catechins, what’s the difference
between this one and the one you recommend? With 40% more Catechins
would the EGCg be a better option? Thanks in advance 🙂

Bang on. In the diabetes world, we call this the Dawn Phenomenon or DP.

This is exactly what I concluded myself after testing my own insulin responses. I'm on an insulin pump. If I eat breakfast, any breakfast, I need to reduce my basals so I don't hypo before lunch. I now only drink fats in my coffee in the mornings.

Here's my basal patterns for a visual reference. My cortisol response is very strong.


Lean bulk aas cycle

lean bulk aas cycle


lean bulk aas cyclelean bulk aas cyclelean bulk aas cyclelean bulk aas cyclelean bulk aas cycle