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The time had come for Themyscira to welcome the world more openly. Twelve delegates were chosen: Asmund Lindel, the Norway delegate to the .; Maritza Nitumbe , a South African botanist; Phyllis Haller , an American bestselling feminist author and sociologist; Vladimir Morakov , a Russian neurosurgeon; Robert Cantwell , a Scottish history teacher and war veteran; Rabbi Benjamin Hecht and Unitarian minister Reverand Alan Withersppon , the only two religious leaders to respond to Diana's invitation (the Vatican was silent); Lin Koo Teng , a survivor of the Tiananmen Square massacre ; Rovo Quashi , a blind man from Ethiopia; Henri Tibet , a paraplegic architect from Canada; Felix Zumac , a Haitian zoologist and anthropologist; and Lois Lane , everybody's favorite reporter from the Daily Planet. Hermes, shedding his immortality, granted Diana the ability to use her winged sandals to take the delegates to Themyscira. The delegates all arrived to a magnificent greeting by the Amazons. No one suspected that Eris , daughter of Ares, was plotting discord. She nearly succeeded in turning everyone against one another, but her plans were discovered and thwarted. The delegates all delivered their favorable report to the . while the Amazons commenced the cleanup. Julia was on a dig overseas and Vanessa was at summer camp. Hermes, shorn of some of his divinity, had been staying with Steve Trevor. [14]

Diana bolt

diana bolt


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