Diana bolanos y los gusanos

Camaleones ( Chameleons ) is a 2009/2010 Mexican neo-noir vigilante heist thriller telenovela produced by Televisa . The soap opera premiered on Mexico 's Canal de las Estrellas , replacing the completed TV series Verano de Amor . Camaleones is produced by Rosy Ocampo ( . La Campestre or Rosy la del Campo), who has produced several popular telenovelas, such as Amor sin Maquillaje , Las Tontas No Van al Cielo and La Fea Mas Bella . Filming took place in Mexico City and Xochitepec in June 2009, and lasted approximately 7 months. The telenovela premiered on Univision in the United States on May 4, 2010.

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Diana bolanos y los gusanos

diana bolanos y los gusanos


diana bolanos y los gusanosdiana bolanos y los gusanosdiana bolanos y los gusanosdiana bolanos y los gusanosdiana bolanos y los gusanos