Diana boland newfoundland

I remember her as a new ship when I was a kid back in 1976. I recall thinking what a cool looking ship compared to all those old lakers with the pilot house at the bow, I don’t think there were many coming to Duluth with the aft pilot house then. Now I actually do prefer the forward pilot house “boats” as they are fewer now. The St. Clair always has a special place in my heart though as I have many fun memories of my Grandpa Millard LaJoy (who by the way, will be 100 in Feb of ’13 and still drives his car) driving fast from 5th Avenue to Canal Park just so I could see the “New” ship come in! Long live the St. Clair!!

After police were notified, they traveled to Gary’s home in Torbay and discovered that he had indeed rigged the residence with a bomb. The device was made up of two 180-kilogram (400 lb) propane tanks and could have destroyed the entire neighborhood if it went off. However, there was no sign of Gary or his three sons, and they have not been seen since. One year later, an engine belonging to a 1989 Ford Tempo was found in the ocean off nearby Red Head Cliff. This led to speculation that Gary may have committed a murder-suicide by deliberately driving his vehicle into the ocean with his three sons inside. However, it is unknown if the engine actually belonged to Gary’s Ford Tempo.

Diana boland newfoundland

diana boland newfoundland


diana boland newfoundlanddiana boland newfoundlanddiana boland newfoundland