The 'Tail of the Lion' has a Uranian nature and it is supposed that, in mundane horoscopes, major catastrophes are triggered off by it. Depending on the position and aspect to other stellar bodies in a personal cosmogram, either preferment or fall are credited to this star. Found on the Ascendant and especially in company with Mercury, a quarrelsome nature, with a liking for legal action is attributed to Denebola. It could also mean that this star is the cause of very exciting events. Badly placed in a map, with Mercury or Uranus, mental diseases - and those mostly incurable ones - are indicated. Fine aspects however, will further work connected with matters of reform and progress. [ Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation , Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, .]

Denebola shows a strong infrared excess , which most likely means there is a circumstellar debris disk of cool dust in orbit around it. [18] As the solar system is believed to have formed out of such a disk, Denebola and similar stars such as Vega and Beta Pictoris may be candidate locations for extrasolar planets . The dust surrounding Denebola has a temperature of about 120 K (−153 °C). Observations with the Herschel Space Observatory have provided resolved images, which show the disk to be located at a radius of 39  astronomical units from the star, or 39 times the distance from the Earth to the Sun. [19]

If you are interested in the breed please do give me a call. I am always ready to "talk dogs"! Our kennel currently has four Polish Lowland Sheepdogs. You can see pictures of the Polish Lowlands under the "My PONs" page. Our breeding male Polish Lowland Sheepdog is BOS, AOM Westminister, 2010 National AOM AKC CH Zarys Ama Canem from the kennel Ama Canem. Ama Canem is a kennel in Poland that is breeding quality Polish Lowland Sheepdogs. We have produced some great PONs from his lines. Our current breeding female is Stella from the PONJude Kennel. Stella is a lovely black/white girl who is producing wonderful pups. Our former breeding female is Balkyss D'Aknar Denebola from France. Balkyss is a very rare, all black, non-fading Polish Lowland Sheepdog. Balkyss and Zarys have produced Polish Lowland puppies of outstanding temperaments with black coats and white/cream markings. We have kept one of those puppies, Dottie, to continue these wonderful lines. Dottie still graces us with puppies from time to time. All of our PONs have been shown and are finished champions. One of the pups from a Balkyss and Zarys breeding has done wonderful things in the show ring. See her accomplishments under "News".