Bulking supplement

I've been trying to get rid of my 'Dad Bod' at the gym for over 12 months to no avail, I wasn't too bad, just flabby and out of shape, but for all the effort I put in I seemed to be getting no results.

It felt like I was stuck in neutral going nowhere, and then I started my first ProSTACK cycle of 6 weeks, along with my usual protein and creatine supplements, and it felt like my body had finally found the right gear and started moving towards my goal.

As you can probably see from my picture, I am starting to take on a more muscular frame up top, but still need to tighten up around my abs. There is no before shot attached, I made sure none are still in existance!

Bulking supplement

bulking supplement


bulking supplementbulking supplementbulking supplementbulking supplementbulking supplement